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Beautiful Black Sisters Art,  Black Queens Canvas Design Wall Art, Classic Canvas, Podcast Decor, Female Art, Wall Art, Home Decor, Canvas Art, Room Decor Art, Nubian Canvas Prints Art. This Art Piece was created using Midjourney, Ai Art helps me express my Imagination into Art form that I couldn't never accomplish if I tried myself. I feel a level of Accomplishment and strong connection to each piece I create as if I painted it with my hands. The process can still take week long just to get it right then I used photoshop to correct some imperfections. Which is why I suggest that your try these products for your home, this image with it's Vibrant colors and yellow background Vibrates your frequency when the light enters your room. I hope you enjoy it in your home as much as I do.

--------------- PRODUCTS FEATURES -----------------------Wrapped around the sturdy New Zealand Pinewood frame, this canvas is made from a high-quality polycotton material perfect for printing stunning, high-resolution designs with a semi-gloss satin finish. Choose any (or all) of the 17 sizes and orientation (horizontal, vertical, square) options. Setup is super-swift—it already comes with a self-assembly hanging kit. .: Material: high-quality polycotton. .: New Zealand Pinewood frame. .: 17 sizes to choose from. .: Semi-glossy satin finish. .: Horizontal, vertical and square options available. .: Comes with a self-assembly hanging kit. .: NB! Due to the production process of the canvases, please allow for slight size deviations with a tolerance. If you have any other questions then please drop me a message... I will be more than happy to help!

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